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EcoHubs Enabling Comodal Network Design
EcoHubs provides models and capabilities for cooperation and communication between green hubs’ stakeholders, plus establishing value added services to support accelerated development of Green Hubs in Europe and their integration in co-modal networks.    
The main outputs will be:

1. An industry endorsed Europe wide Cooperative Model for Green Hub Stakeholders (CMGH) to deliver low-carbon, resource-efficient and secure transportation services
2. Ecosystem for electronically connecting multimodal terminal network stakeholders and EcoHubs
support services readily available.
3. Common Value Added Services including:
a. Intermodal terminal eco-efficiency calculator;
b. Integrated competitive services for managing improvements in eco-efficiency;
c. Measuring and Benchmarking System to provide the means of long term monitoring of
greening activities and disseminating best practices at all supply chain levels and EU regions.
4. Four EcoHubs Demonstrators to be used across several representative operating scenarios

Project Start Date Project End Date
01/11/2012 31/10/2014
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