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EUROSKY Single European Secure Air-cargo Space

EUROSKY is aimed to deliver advanced air-cargo security and facilitation measures to safeguard international supply chains and the security of citizens while fostering international co-operation and a broad stakeholder engagement from all segments of the air-cargo industry.

The main outputs will be:

The EUROSKY Blueprints to provide an industry endorsed target Europe wide cooperative model for air cargo security and facilitation including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each stakeholder group.


A multi-energy based automated detection and alarm resolution solution to provide faster and more accurate detection of dangerous substances with reduced false positive rate.  The focus will be on combining innovations in Automatic Detection of Explosives (ADE) with innovative intelligent alarm resolution technologies enabling a reduced false positive rate. Four different levels of screening will be demonstrated, enabling stakeholders to choose the correct balance between security requirements and costs.


The EUROSKY Ecosystem to provide a technological infrastructure for electronically connecting air-cargo stakeholders together, amplifying their security capabilities through faster communications, shared scans and intelligence, real-time optimisation, pooled resources and synchronised actions.


Provide Integrated Air-cargo Security Solutions bringing together the partners’ industrial expertise in leading edge airport solutions with the project innovations including:

cargo profiling including screening of the identity and intent of the people who had their hands on the container

integration of detection technologies in supply chain flows with remote monitoring options offering enhanced security and economic benefits.


Six  EUROSKY Demonstrators to be used across several representative operating scenarios characteristic of the air-cargo security sector, covering all aspects of air-cargo security at National and International level and considering access threats, content threats and human error threats, to evaluate outputs and to provide data for impact assessment. By choosing six important demonstrators, covering all aspects of air cargo security, and allowing the major World stakeholders to drive EUROSKY, we guarantee that the solutions found address the real needs of this sector in a cost effective way.




Project Start Date Project End Date
01/04/2013 31/03/2017 
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