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Feasibility study on the establishment of an online portal for trading in freight services (e-freightex) in East Africa


A Feasibility Study on the development and implementation of a freight exchange (or e-freightex) to support the transportation industry across all East African countries. This study in which INLECOM participated was commissioned by TradeMark East Africa TMEA (led by Upper Quartile) and was completed in June 2013

e-freightex is an online service, which allows improves efficiency in the freight transportation market by increasing the visibility of freight to be carried and by helping the buyers and sellers of freight transportation to find each other. Hosted online, and accessed as a subscription-based service, the e-freightex provides a standardised and secure platform for all businesses in the industry to collaborate.

Some of the potential benefits perceived for the e-freightex include:

Improved market information and increased competition;

Ÿ Reduced administrative outlay and logistics costs;

Ÿ Increased truck load factors and shortened turnaround times thereby reducing transport costs

Ÿ increasing operators’ profits and investment;

Ÿ Improved freight services such as terminal handling, cargo clearance, insurance, customs bond,   

   ITsolutions, agency/representation, brokerage, market intelligence etc.; and

Ÿ Information dissemination.

The feasibility study identified that the high priority issues for the key stakeholders are:

Ÿ Ensuring security and privacy, along with incorporating feedback mechanisms so that users can

    see the reputation of other e-freightex users;

Ÿ Mobile and web interaction with the e-freightex;

Ÿ Alerts when matching loads/trucks are listed;

Ÿ Aggregate reporting of system usage overall as a mechanism to help businesses predict volume

   and plan business;

Ÿ Supportive knowledgebase materials; and

Ÿ Robust administration and hosting to ensure availability and reliability.




Project Start Date Project End Date
01/06/12 30/05/13 
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