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The eMAR Ecosystem v3.1
EU e-Maritime
SKEMA: e-Maritime
IMO e-Navigation

The concepts and solutions for e-shipping have been around for a long time.

The goal is to enable automated interactions between software applications used by different shipping related companies in a cost effective and dependable manner.

The security and reliability of the technology that supports the inter-organisational communication becomes essential. 

eMaritime solutions include networking of buyers, sellers, financial institutions, carriers, freight forwarders and surveyors to conclude a transaction on the same electronic page. On-line services include shipping news, commodity and foreign exchange prices, legal and insurance services, e-crewing, e-bunkering, e-maintenance and e-procurement.

Lack of interoperability is common problem across different sectors. In shipping it creates barriers to utilising ICT applications to increase the operational efficiency of ships and ports and to enable innovative solutions to increase economic and environmental, performance.

Key challenges include

    Commonly valuable information exists in isolated pockets of single groups of users or within the confines of
      single Administrations; such information needs to be made available so as to be aggregated and filtered on
      a needs basis for various businesses and administrations.

   Ship, port and logistics operators and national administrations have to develop several adaptors (often with
     limited useful life) to integrate with a plethora of different systems they encounter in their day to day

    Integration cost penalties affects particularly SMEs because they need access to information systems that
      are often closed and different from company to company or port to port.

There is a need for web based community systems that will make it easy for participants to publish and use eMaritime information and services.

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