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Trade and Transport Single Windows                           
NSW Reference Model and standards

The National Data Set (NDS) or NSW data model is possibly the cornerstone of a successful NSW solution.
There are a number of NSW Reference  models that play an important role in past and current NSWs. These include:

1. UNICE Recommendation No. 33 for establishing a SINGLE WINDOW to enhance the efficient exchange of information between trade and government. The Recommendation also suggests that participating authorities and agencies should co-ordinate their respective controls through the Single Window and should consider providing facilities for payment of relevant duties, taxes and fees. The Recommendation is complemented by a detailed set of Guidelines designed to assist countries in implementation of SWs.

2. The WCO Data Model Version 3  is a standardised data requirements library for the Business to Government (B2G) and the Government to Government (G2G) exchange of information. Information flows from customs as well as from other cross- border regulatory agencies have been categorized and brought together in ‘class diagrams’. 

3. In the maritime domain IMO, has endorsed the ISO 28005 for Electronic port clearance (EPC) and in turn it is adopted by some initiatives in developments associated with the EU Ship formalities directive.

4. In the logistics world GS1 reference models and standard messages are gaining ground particularly in the retail sector whilst message standards by OASIS are based on e-Freight Framework messages

The aforementioned models and standard messages reflect different perspectives. INLECOM is using and promoting the Common Reporting Schema which was developed in e-Freight.    CRS as the name implies provides a unified solution for regulatory information management associated with trade and transport at both National, EU and international levels allowing:
   business to submit regulatory information for both trade (customs) and transport, independent of mode and transportation route, and 
   authorities to share information for policy implementation and particularly for the purpose of co-operation in security, safety and environmental risk

The main advantage of CRS is that it is a neutral data model kept aligned to developments affecting Single Windows and offers a practical solution for specifying specific National Data Set (NDS) that can be turned into effective SW solutions.


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