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Access Points and
eMaritime Access Points provide  the same communication functionalities as in e-Freight and other domains but are equipped with eMaritime standard messages and transformations commonly used EDIFACT messages.

The maritime world requires flexibility when adopting new standards and technologies. We are trialling the eMAR Ecosystem in partnership with DANAOS that will offer   a community platform supporting shipping companies in their daily operations. This should identify the type of e-maritime services needed and what technologies are best suited to deliver them

The eMAR Ecosystem will provide: 

 a web based infrastructure for providing and consuming eMaritime services shared between different organizations
   (the eMAR  Ecosystem participants)

 a system which provides a place to publish software services related to shipping and also acts as a kind of proxy to
    use those services

 Service providers and consumers are able to register with and use the platform free of charge


emar access news reference
  • “ We can help you connect to the first Maritime Ecosystem and sample the benefits "

R&D Projects
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