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‘Reuse and development of Security Knowledge assets for International Postal supply chains’


SAFEPOST aims to raise the current level of postal security by integrating innovative screening solutions suitable for uninterrupted flow of the enormous volumes of parcels and letters with operational postal processes and the criminal and customs intelligence work in a European wide cooperative distributed model.

Starting from the perspective of the partner postal operations, the project will first identify the main security threats and threat actors and the main security gaps in postal operations. Secondly, it will describe security measures and process improvements to maintain or augment the efficient and secure operation of postal services to address the identified threats. After making an inventory of security gaps these will be developed into generic postal security models which will be integrated into a Postal Security Target Operating

Model, which will enable postal operators, customs and other relevant actors to understand how to securely exchange information related not only to security but also to the optimisation of postal flows.

SAFEPOST will extend the concept of its Postal Security Target Operating Model to propose a ‘Common Postal Security Space’ with a view to create in the future a European/World Postal Security standard security information sharing system.

The approach involves the following:

  1. Novel Screening Solutions will be developed (a new gas chromatography-based screening system, a high-purity Germanium based gamma radiation detector and a stand-off laser Raman spectroscopy based particle detector)
  2. Every item that will go through screening will be ‘security stamped’ which means all security information including images will travel with it until delivery. If it is screened again, the information will be added in the same security stamp (this is an important input to targeting).
  3. The ‘security stamp’ represents the virtual file of eachscreened item in the Common Postal Security Space
  4. the Common Postal Security Space, which will be part of the SAFEPOST Platform will be developed with capabilities for image comparison and will include all the available intelligence streams T
  5. The Targeting and Threat Handling Reasoning system will apply different fusion services to guide targeting for screening and threat handling reasoning, feeding the response systems of the relevant stakeholders



Project Start Date Project End Date
01/04/2012 31/03/2016 
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