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Support SUPPORT - Security UPgrade for PORTs

SUPPORT aims to support port security stakeholders to establish the necessary and sufficient security level to satisfy evolving international regulations and standards while efficiently supporting the complexity of the real port environment. 

SUPPORT methods, technology and training services can be used by any European Port to upgrade their security capability, meaning:

1. Secure and efficient Port operations in the context of sustainable transport;

2. Uninterrupted flows of cargo and passengers;

3. The suppression of:

  • terror and attacks on high value units
  • illegal immigration
  • trafficking of drugs, weapons and illicit substances
  • large scale or continuous theft and economic black mail.

The project has delivered results that should have a big impact on helping to implement Port Security on a standard way.
A web-based tool Port Security Management System PSMS to assist security professionals in monitoring and developing port security in-line with the ISPS code and other legislation. PSMS supports PSOs and PFSOs to maintain, evaluate, identify, install or upgrade their security measures, and promote security awareness. The measures take human behaviour into account in a sense that no one should be able to enter or leave a protected area without being noticed.

One of the major problems with developing a generic model and tools for ports is that in the EU there are over 1200 ports with over 6000 ISPS-protected Port Facilities. As these 1200 ports are distributed over 23 states, there is diversity in operational models, political and socio-economic context, physical uniqueness and other factors affecting how a port is organised and run. Thus it is fair to conclude that each port facility is unique in nature. It has long been established that a common approach and co-operation between entities within any supply chain is necessary for business viability. Port facility security solutions are not an exception and need to be included in any broad strategy that is part of the business imperative for continuous improvement.

Co-operation between ports and facilities could be enhanced by a reduction in operational process complexity and this would be facilitated by the use of standard processes and structured data flows.  Although the development of a generic, one size fits all, port security model is not a practical solution, the development of port security management modules that accommodate the diversity in requirements of each port facilities security requirements, is the goal for the PSMS.

The approach is supported by
a complete and detailed set Security Management Models developed in the project. The proposed use of the model NIEM-M (National Information Exchange Model-Maritime) has proved a very good choice.

Key outputs include:

  • Weighing of (empty) containers was emphasized
  • Access control linking pre-arrival information with sensors
  • A Port Operational Security Solution facilitating integration of all port security sensors/systems to fusion and Decision Support Services
  • Ports Security Information Exchange Network for incident reporting
Project Start Date Project End Date
01/07/10 30/06/14 
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