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Operational competitiveness of transport and logistics companies is largely dependent on the way they respond to economic cycles, regulatory requirements and technological advances. Several of these factors may act simultaneously to create a need for improved or changed processes.

We support companies in the transport and logistics sector to deal with the challenging market that they operate in. This is achieved by assisting them to amplify their operational capabilities through faster communications, shared information, real-time optimisation, pooled resources and synchronised actions.
Our innovative and tested approach relies on creating an extensive knowledge repository in our four focus areas which is used in analysis, design or development of key solutions for the principal transport and logistics stakeholder groups.



Shippers' Solutions: establishing and efficiently managing the capacity agreements for direct or combined transport services most suited for their purpose
capabilities; controlling supply chains for reliability, predictability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Freight Forwarders' Solutions:
transforming requests from shippers to transport plans that utilise effectively available transport resources and to supervise their execution including regulatory formalities; managing quality of services in a much more dynamic environment of traders and trade lanes, adapting to both market changes and their clients’ urgent shipments and changing demands

Solutions for Transport and logistics service providers: including carriers and terminal operators in all modes: 
exchanging information electronically with relevant actors through planning, executing and completing transport operations; integrating into transport chain and corridor networks offering end-to-end quality of freight transportation addressing specifically environmental concerns, optimise capacity and running costs                                                                   

Solutions for Trade and Transport regulators: acquiring complete and accurate information for compliance with applicable regulations and for conducting security and environmental risk management



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